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-No One Else-


There is no one else I love more,
There is no one else I need... or do I want
It is you and you alone that I need here with me.
You are the only one...
That I have ever truly loved...
That I have changed for...
That I would and still will do anything
And everything for...
You have control over my mind... my body...
My emotions... and my soul...
That is called "total control" and you have it...
I can never love another the way that I love you
I can never devote myself to anyone else,
I revolve my world around you...
And what you say and what you do...
And sometimes I feel like you are my world.
Like life has no other meaning but to love you,
Please you, be there for you,
Do what you say... what you want
I put all my trust and faith in you...
And they are still there, even after you broke them...
Even though I feel like I am wasting my time...
There is no one else
I wish, I hope, and I pray...every single day...
For you to love me again,
Only this time you would not stop
Then I would be left broken hearted like I am now
There is No one else... and there will never be anyone else
It is you and you alone, nothing more... nothing less
Just you... No one else.



Many broken pieces,
Shattered, now apart.
What can I do to mend it?
To mend my broken heart?

I walk along the beach
Leaving footprints cold and bare
How can I enjoy the sunset?
When there is no one here to share?

There used to be a pair,
Of footprints next to mine.
But they washed away with waves
And the shifting sands of time.

All I can do now,
Is to remember how things were.
The good times, not the bad times,
This caused my heart to stir.

To live to die,
What does it matter?
While I am in this state.
I did not know how much I loved,
Until it was too late.