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©-Angel Of Darkness
Love is not lost until you let it go
Love is not gained until you let it show
Don't grasp it too tight but don't let it free
Love will remain if it's truly meant to be

Love endures the worst and is the bearer of the best
Love withstands it all, no matter what the test
Don't take it for granted for it is special to find
Love isn't to be missed or to be left behind

Love is undescribable, it cannot be seen by eyes
Love is never ending, it knows no goodbyes
Don't forget to love, that way you can never lose
Love is a great feeling to which you won't refuse

Love comes to everyone, everyone has their turn
Love is a process from which everyone can learn
Don't hold back your love, it is the greatest gift
Love is strong and can't be separated by a simple rift

Love is a blessing and the sole reason we survive
Love given and received is why we are alive
Don't regret loving, it makes the world go round
Love is a paradise, where true happiness is found

Love brings out the best in us and helps us grow
Love is special and now you know
Don't hold back and your day will come too
Love will bring happiness to everyone, even you.

-Censored Tears-

©-Angel Of Darkness
My tears are censored, you cannot see them fall
But they are there, deep inside me they crawl
I may not reveal the truth but its killing me inside
I refuse to show you my tears, I will keep my pride

Don't be fooled by the fake smile I put on
Because my soul cries as soon as you're gone
From all the pain that gathers up within
There's so much I don't know where to begin

My tears will stay censored, seen by only me
One day I'll be strong enough to set them free
Expose to you how much I really feel pain
All these tears locked inside driving me insane